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Finance Your Vela LIBS Purchase

Really good news for the US small business owners! Vela is teaming up with Navitas Credit Corp, a United Community Bank Company (NASDAQ: UCBI), to offer financing options to make your purchase of our handheld LIBS analyzers more easily.

"Navitas is a nationwide direct lender with a focus on the small and medium sized business sector. Navitas provides capital in the form of leases and loans to assist businesses in acquiring the equipment and financing they need to grow and stay competitive. We develop our customer relationships through direct marketing to business owners as well as establishing referral programs with equipment dealers, manufacturers, and third party originators. Navitas was founded in 2008 and is managed by a team of industry professionals with a long track record of success. We possess the credit and sales expertise to support a wide variety of equipment types."

Head over to their website for more details:


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